Managed IT Services

Has your company's IT needs outgrown your available resources or is it just not manageable at all? We offer many types of services to help companies with the IT needs. By updating and reploying the latest managed networking devices, VOIP Phone system controllers, desktop support access systems. We can give you better control to manage your IT systems. We also offer several levels of support for your company. We can mix and match and scale as your needs and your company grows. From Remote Managed IT services to on-site dedicated IT staff to per-call staff. We can provide a solution to your Computer Network and Phone IT needs.

  • Strategy

    67% of companies switch to Managed IT to simplify Network and IT Operations.

  • Cost Reductions

    Gaining all of the benefits of a dedicated IT Department without the high costs.

  • Integration

    Giving users a simply single point of contact for support & assistance.

  • Training

  • Stable Infrastructure

    Safeguards, off-site back, failover systems and central virus protection.

  • Reduced Downtime

    Disaster recovery and redundancy systems on demand or on standby.

  • Simplified Support Desk

    All user reuqests for network, phone and tech support through one number.

  • Service Level Agreements

    Scalable levels of service and escalation offerings.

Remote Managed Systems

Full management of your network devices, phone systems, services and desktop computers..

Full Support Helpdesk

Full help desk support for requests for add/moves/changes, requesting on-site servies or changing features.

Site Monitoring & SLA Operations

Full site monitoring and responses to infrastructure failures, hacks, virus issues, performance and bandwidth issues.


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